Our story

Whole Health Psychology was built with the intention of creating accessible wellness. It’s a difficult time and supportive wellness resources are limited; we are here to support this community.

We started as a blog in 2020, halfway through our PhD clinical psychology program, with the goal of bringing science to community. As we moved through our graduate training, however, we realized the overwhelming community need for behavioral health support. We both trained in primary care settings, where we facilitated solutions-focused interventions, and were running out of places to refer patients to for outpatient mental health (e.g., therapy). As therapists’ caseloads filled with high distress patients, we had nowhere to refer our patients seeking a lower level of care, like those looking for help working toward goals or finding satisfaction in life. We realized we had something to offer in a time of high need and we started piloting individual coaching through Whole Health Psychology.

We are not therapists at Whole Health Psychology, but bring the lens to the wellness coaching space. Our coaching work differs from therapy such that we are not focused on healing so much as we are focused on actionable, accountable growth. While we are not treating mental illness or offering psychotherapy, we will help you identify barriers to success and feel empowered to move forward toward or set meaningful goals.

Get to know us

Ashley Eddy, M.S.

Ashley Eddy is a PhD student of clinical psychology in the Pacific Northwest, passionate about the science of mindfulness, self-compassion, and resilience.

Ashley has received training in traditional outpatient therapy, primary care settings, and in-patient mental health. Future goals include increasing interdisciplinary communication to promote total body and mind healthcare. 

Paige Reohr, M.S.

Paige Reohr, M.S. is a predoctoral intern in primary care behavioral health in the Pacific Northwesst. She is in her last year of a clinical psychology PhD program with special interests in community wellness, multicultural psychology, and strengths-based intervention.

She is an Oregon native and loves spending time with her family and two dogs, writing, and tasting wines from local vineyards.