The Top 10 Easiest Houseplants for Beginners

Nature, indoor and outdoor, has been shown through research to significantly improve mental health, cognition (e.g. memory, concentration), social relationships, and negative reactions to stress. Read more about how houseplants can improve your mental and physical health.

As we spend more time indoors and have less access to outdoor activities, the accessibility of nature becomes more and more limited. One solution? Bring nature indoors and spruce up your space with houseplants.

Busy, homebound, graduate-student-tested, here are the top 10 easiest houseplants to take care of (plus recommendations from the experts).

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1. Snake Plant

Looking for low maintenance Snake plants might be perfect for you.

Great for any plant parent, as these plants are forgiving. Snake plants can thrive in most environments.

Snake plants are also sharable! See more on how easy they are to separate.

Bring a new snake plant home.

2. Aloe Vera

A low-maintenance plant that is more than just decorative.

Aloe is gorgeous and it can be functional, as the stems contain the aloe gel, which is well known and research-backed to have skin and wound healing properties. Easy to care for, too!

Find your aloe vera plant here.

3. Spider Plant

Spunky and full, spider plants are in and (hopefully) here to stay.

Generally easy to care for, spider plants add a pop of life to any living or office space. They do need bright, indirect light (more tips here).

Grab yourself a spider plant!


4. Pothos varieties

Pothos are vined beauties and resilience in one.

If you are looking for an easy-to-grow, trailing plant, look at the several varieties that pothos come in.

Like the snake plant, pothos are also super easy to share (check out how to propagate a pothos)

Grab yourself a pothos.

5. Air Plant

Hello, minimalists.

Air plants are unique and add simple character to any space. Caring for them requires minimal effort.

The best part? Finding a decorative home to display your air plant in.

Bonus, they’re budget-friendly.

Look here for air plants.

6. Succulents

Modest required care with a stunning reward.

Succulents are perhaps one of the most common houseplants and they come in many types – varying in color and size.

Succulents are easy to care and look great in arrangements or on their own.

Find your favorite succulent here or grab a complete starter kit.


7. ZZ Plant


The ZZ plant spends a lot of its time dormant, which means you only have to water once a month.

ZZ plants also thrive in most indoor areas, making it a great, resilient option.

Fun fact: these plants are also thought to symbolize friendship, making it a great gift. Buy a ZZ plant for your home today.

8. Monstera

You know it would make the list.

The ever popular monstera skyrocketed in popularity over the last couple year for their unique split leaves.

Plus, they only need water every one to two weeks making them an easy-going roommate. Keep in medium to bright light.

Make your space tropical and trendy!

9. Bamboo

Bamboo is a great option for limited space, since it stays contained to single shoots.

Watch your bamboo quickly grow with little maintenance!

A bonus – bamboo rarely has issues with disease or pests.

Bring home a bamboo plant today

10. Coffee Arabica

And hello, coffee lovers.

What a conversation starter. Grow your own compact coffee plant indoors, adding both greenery and style to your space.

Beautifully, coffee plants bloom little white flowers when mature.

Grab a coffee plant here.

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